Friday, April 24, 2015

The Smartest Creature on Earth

Now, everyone knows that the smartest creature on the planet is the Octopus. It's obvious. Its brain is larger than its whole body. So, you'll forgive the Pacific octopus for being a little prideful. Being so intelligent comes at a cost though. For example, the Pacific octopus is extremely curious.
"What's this?" He thought one day, as a large round object invaded his dark hole in the chilly artic water. It looked like a large eye, even larger than his own eye. Cautiously he reached out a long tentacle and encircled the cylindrical object. It felt interesting, so he reached out a second tentacle, and then a third. Then he noticed a creature holding the object in question. This new creature had two large fins, attached to long thin legs. Anti water spouted from its head and spiraled toward the surface. The Pacific octopus was about to reach out a forth tentacle to inspect the strange creature, but he noticed it retreating. Perhaps most disappointing of all was its grip on the original cylindrical object of interest. Try as he might, the octopus could not retrieve the curious item. The creature would not relinquish it.
Another side effect to being extremely intelligent is the ability to make very crafty plots of revenge. The octopus seethed with anger and indignation as his last tentacle slipped away from the object. He'd show that weird anti-water thing what messing with such a smart being would do! Quickly, in his immense brain, the octopus figured the best way to get back at the creature, was to throw the most horrible predator in the sea at it. Luckily for the octopus, the most horrible predator in the sea, was sitting right next to him. So with two of his arms, he picked up the most horrible predator in the sea, and lobbed it with great strength, at the selfish creature. The predator's five points stood on end and its freakish tube feet wiggled threateningly at the knowledge hording creature.
The octopus swam away indignantly. Let them fight it out. He was sure it would be a bloody affair. After all, the most horrible predator in the sea, was known for braking through any shell, no matter how much mussel was inside.

Note: Incase anyone was wondering, the most horrible predator was a star fish and the anti-water creature was a scuba diver. This actually happened. The video is hysterical. The octopus literally chunks a star fish at the diver.

Moral: I don't even…  

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