Friday, April 10, 2015

The ‘In’ Crowd

“NO! Stop! Wait! What are you doing?” Yelped a quavering green leaf.
The large sharp pincers stopped their advance and their owner backed away in surprise. “Well,” The smaller, yet sharper creature replied, “I’m a leaf cutter ant, and you’re a leaf, right?”
 “No! Wrong! I’m not a leaf. What makes you think that? I mean, how many leaves do you know who can talk?” the leaf in denial said firmly.
 “Well, none actually; I don’t usually talk to leaves. Anyway, you even have little holes on you. Did you yell at a caterpillar this morning too? Maybe a very hungry caterpillar?” The ant tilted his head, giving the leaf in denial a good view of his massive pincers.
“No. Those holes have always been there. You see, I’m not an ordinary leaf.” informed the leaf in denial, wondering how an ant could mistake an insect like him for a leaf.
“Oh, you’re not? So I guess that makes you special!” The ant said happily.
 “Yes! Now you got it! I’m special!” Exclaimed the leaf in denial.
“You’re a special leaf!” shouted the ant. – note ants cannot shout very loudly.
“I’m a special leaf!” Cheered the leaf in denial.
The ant giggled with a click of his pincers and added in amusement, “That’s what the last leaf said!”

The moral of this story: If you don’t want people to treat you like an idiot… stop acting like one.

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